• Significant savings in edge preparation & usage of welding wire

    Significant savings in edge preparation & usage of welding wire

  • World leaders in hybrid Plasma<br />MIG/MAG technology

    World leaders in hybrid Plasma
    MIG/MAG technology

  • Complete line, welding full range of metals, thicknesses & app’s

    Complete line, welding full range of metals, thicknesses & app’s

  • Outperforms existing MIG/MAG,<br />SAW and other technologies

    Outperforms existing MIG/MAG,
    SAW and other technologies

  • Offering tremendous advantages<br />speed, penetration & quality

    Offering tremendous advantages
    speed, penetration & quality

Mission Statement

PLT will leverage its patented & unique Hybrid Welding technologies in order to establish a commanding global position within the field of traditional MIG/MAG welding applications and the laser-based welding markets.

PLT strives to design, manufacture, install and provide service to systems used by its clients at the highest possible quality.



News & Events

New generation of Super-MIG® AL system shipped to a client in China.
The system, which has a newly designed Torch – offering much improved gas flow and shield conditions – will be installed at the welding laboratory of a Chinese university. It includes an AC Plasma power source, to ensure the cleaning effect of the weld area, a Push-Pull mechanism and has a special mechanism for ensuring an extended life cycle of the Tungsten electrode.
New generation of the Super-MIG® Heavy Duty system shipped to Germany
The system, which has a newly designed slim Torch, is installed at PLT’s distributor’s 2nd demonstration facility in Kempen, near Dusseldorf. The slim designed Torch is even more capable of achieving deep penetration requiring a very narrow edge preparation, thus achieving significant savings in pre-welding machining or cutting preparation and in consumption of welding wire.
PLT’s German distributor – Carl Lixfeld Gmbh is currently operating 2 demonstration laboratories for the Super-MIG® line – Kempen (near Dusseldorf) and Kreuztal (near Siegen). These labs are equipped with the full line of Super-MIG® systems, namely the Medium Duty, the Heavy Duty and the Aluminum units.
Super-MIG® Medium Duty installed at a large Chinese auto maker’s facility, welding different applications in its pre-production department, including Spot and Stiches for car body manufacturing.
2nd Super-MIG® Medium Duty demonstration laboratory established in Dalian University, eastern China, equipped with the Super-MIG® Medium Duty unit.
The first fully integrated Column Boom system, which is equipped with a Super-MIG® welding unit, a Seam Tracking system with Oscillation capability, a MIG power source and a single PLC pendant has completed its design and integration stages. The system is installed in the facility of ADOR Welding Ltd. (“AWL”) in Pune, India, and is going through an extensive program of tests and samples’ welding trials. The Column Boom and the MIG power source are products of AWL and have been specifically modified to ensure maximum efficiency and capability while welding with the Super-MIG® unit.

Plasma Laser Technologies

The company has invested over 30 man-years in the development and validation of hybrid welding technologies and a full line of hybrid welding systems.
The sound scientific understanding of the underlying process, including extensive computational modeling and numerous processing trials, reflect the company’s commitment to ensure that customers get only exceptional product performance from their investment in Super-MIG® hybrid welding technology.

PLT provides its advanced welding solutions initially to industries requiring automated welding (i.e. using robots) within manufacturing lines, such as:

  • Steel & aluminium products
  • Automotive
  • Heavy Transport, Agriculture, Road & Mining Equipement
  • Wind poles and heavy constructions
  • Tubing, piping, tanks and vessels
  • Shipbuilding
  • Tier-1/Tier-2 suppliers to the above producers


Our videos

Explanation of the Super-MIG® Technology

High speed movie of the Super – MIG® Process

Example welding of stainless steel tanks

Example Welding of Exhaust Pipe